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Removing JukeBox + / Multiple JukeBox +  Setup System --> Reset JukeBox+ - Will reset the internal assignment but the JukeBox + will remain intact. This facility allows users to relocate the JukeBox+ to another Drive or Share. This facility also allows for Multiple JukeBox+ Favourites as the ‘Reset JukeBox+’ does not delete the current JukeBox+.
JukeBox + will allow you to Aggregate your Movie JukeBoxe’s across different sources such as internal Hard Drive, USB Drives and Network shares both Samba and NFS. There is no limitation to the amount of Movie JukeBox's that can be added to JukeBox Plus and just remember that the source shares must have the required Mede8er folder structure with the correct images and xml files. JukeBox Plus is actually a dummy JukeBox and can be deleted at any stage without effecting the source files.  WARNING: For correct functionality the Local Hard Drive or USB Drives must have a ‘Label’ name otherwise the JukeBox + will not function correctly
Make sure your Internal Drive and USB drives have a Drive LABEL (Drive Name).
Make a folder on any source and name it what you like. (Note: The source needs to be write enabled).
To make a new folder in the Mede8er -  Navigate to a Drive or Network Share in the Mede8er Media Library and press the 'Edit' button on the remote and select 'New Folder' - Use this to make your JukeBox + folder.
Navigate to the new folder you just made ie JukeBox + or whatever you called it and press the 'Menu' button and select 'Add to Favourites’.
Go to Favourites and you will see the new JukeBox + folder you have just made - Press the Menu Button and select option 'Aggregate Jukebox’.
The folder will now be assigned as the Aggregated JukeBox and a new thumbnail will be displayed.
Now you are ready to add Mede8er structure shares to the JukeBox Plus folder.
Remember to turn on 'JukeBox View' in Setup Menu.
A Favourite can also be added to JukeBox + - Press the 'Menu' button and select option ' Add to Jukebox’.  
Launch the JukeBox + icon and all your movies across the different drives and Network shares will be displayed in one consolidated Movie JukeBox.
If the content changes on a drive or share then you will need to re-add the folder to the JukeBox Plus ie Point8 and the new content will be added.
On large collections the first scan can take some time ie Samba to HDD +- 170 movies/min and NFS to HDD +-227 movies/min. Rescanning when adding content will be a quick as only the new content needs to be added.
JukeBox + User Guide
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