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Mede8er Smart Remote
App is 3rd part developed and is not a Mede8er App. The App will only work on X3D series with Firmware V2 and upwards. Suggest you download the ‘LIGHT’ version and make sure it works correctly with your Andriod hardware.
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Multiple X3D's on the same Network are supported and each should have its own 'Host Name'.
Install the latest Firmware 
Users using yaDIS and yaDIS2Mede8er If you get any 'Failed to Play' messages when starting s movie and your collection is a Non Aggregated Jukebox then download the latest yaDis2mede8er and re-run the xml files as this tool added the filelink node that can cause problems if the Dune Path was not correctly filled in. Download the latest yadis2Mede8er 
How to kill the App and clear cache on a Andriod device Under some conditions you may want to close the App and clear its memory from the cache Suggest you do this if you troubleshooting a problem thus to eliminate a App cache problem. Step1 - Press the /Home Key/ for a few seconds and all open Apps will show on the screen.. Step2 - Select the Smart Remote Icon and slide it sideways and the App will close.
NET API works on Favourites
Types of Favourites a. Movie JukeBox - Normal Mede8er Movie JukeBox or JukeBox+ b. Movie Folder Structure 'Share' Type' - Movie Folder structure with Movie file and folder.jpg and about.jpg in each folder c. Music JukeBox - Normal Mede8er Music JukeBox d. Music Folder Structure - 'Share' Type' - Music folder structure - Artist Name Folder with Album folders inside - each Album folder should  have a folder.jpg of size max 250x250pixels and optional fanart.jpg size 1280 x 720 pixels. e. TV Series in Mede8er structure - Use Mede8er Built in scraper or PC program ‘TVRename’  To refresh the Favourites on the JukeBoxes screen - Select the Refresh Icon top right  
Image names are case sensitive - about.jpg / folder.jpg / fanart.jpg
Add Remove Favourites - Favourites can be added or removed on the Mede8er Favourites page at any time and the NET API will track this. To show the latest updated Favourites you must do a refresh on the JukeBoxes screen (Icon top right)
Limit the Amount of Favourites - Each Favourite has to be scanned by the NET API on each power up and on doing a 'Rescan' from the App so its suggested to limit the amount of Favourites to a reasonable amount otherwise you may well experience long scanning times and crashing on both the X3D and the App.
Favourite Opening Time - Music JukeBox Shares should be limited to +- 25000 tracks max in order to maintain a reasonable opening time
Favourite Types will be identified on the Apps Jukeboxes screen with Icons types ie Music will have a Music Icon, Movies will have a Movie Icon and TV Series will have a TV Series Icon and non JukeBox Favourites will have a Share icon.
Movie JukeBox and Music JukeBox Favourites offer more user functionality on the App than normal Movie or Music Folder Structure 'Share' types so its suggested in preference to to always use a JukeBox type before a 'Share' type.
Music on the App In the following images you can see the comparison between a Music Share and a Music JukeBox. The Music Share type will list all Albums Grouped by Artist in Alpha Name order. For correct sorting it is vital that you use the correct Folder structure ie Music Collection ---> Amy Winehouse                 ---> Amy Winehouse                 ---> Back To Black ---> Avril Lavigne                 ---> Let Go                 ---> The Best Damn Thing                 ---> Under My Skin ---> etc etc The Music JukeBox Favourite will show Artist and Album information on each Album cover - Share type Music will only show the Album covers. Online Guide for Mede8er Music JukeBox
Music Search Music JukeBox Favourite With a Music JukeBox Favourite you can search Track, Album, Artist and m3u Playlists. Music Search Music Share Favourite With a Music Share Favourite you can search Album, Artist.  
QPL (Quick Play List) With a Music JukeBox Favourite you make a QPL from a mixture of Tracks and Albums. With a Music Share Favourite you can make a QPL from Albums only. To use the QPL function select the QPL Icon and the screen background will change into a blue colour - now you can select the Albums or Tracks in the order you want them to play. Once selected the Albums or Tracks will be highlighted with a blue tint and then you can select the 'Play' icon to play the selection . 
Music Player With a Music JukeBox Favourite the Track information, Album Name and Artist Name is taken from the Data Base. With a Music Share Favourite the information is taken from the File Name and the Folder Name. 
Revert to Now Playing Music The 'Now Playing' screen will display the Album Cover of the current playing track.
m3u Playlists App will display m3u Playlists as made and saved on the X3D GUI. You can also make compatible Playlists with Playlist Creator 3 as explained in the Music JukeBox User Guide.
Movies on the App For maximum functionality we suggest you use the Movie JukeBox or Movie JukeBox+ Favourite for Movies. Share type Movies can be used but functionality will be limited. Built in Movie Scraper V3 Firmware User Guide Online Guide for Mede8er Movie JukeBox Share Type Movie Structure Each Movie must be in its own folder and each folder should contain a. Movie File b. folder.jpg ( size 158 x 237 pixels) c about.jpg (1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080 pixels) Movie JukeBox has additional sort Icons on the Menu Key that allows you to sort by Alpha Order - Date Added - Star Rating
Movie Sheet Information Select a Movie Thumbnail and the Movie Sheet (about.jpg) will be displayed in a new screen. You can pinch zoom on the Movie Sheet if you require to enlarge a section of the image. To Play the Movie select the 'Play' Icon.
Watched Indicator If enabled in the App Setup Menu then the Watched Indicator will be displayed on Movie Thumbnails.
QPL (Quick Play List) With a Movie JukeBox Favourite or a Movie Share Favourite you can make a Movie Playlist using the QPL function. To use the QPL function select the QPL Icon and the screen background will change into turn a blue colour - now you can select the Movies covers in the order you want them to play. Once selected the Movies covers will be highlighted with a blue tint and then you can select the 'Play' icon top right to play the selection
Typical Button assignment on Andriod device
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Mede8er Music Jukebox User Guide
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NETAPI Smart Remote App User Guide Part1
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