The Greatest Show on Earth
31 October 2013 - V3 Released for X2 Series
3 September 2013 - Extra Vegetables Releases Control4 Driver for Mede8er X3D Series  
23 August 2013 - V3 Firmware for X3D Series Released    
31 May 2013 - Mede8er New YouTube Flash - Pair with your Phone or Tablet - X3D Series    
5 May 2013 - Unlimited Music Play Possibilities - Mede8er NET API      
'In last year's Six Of The Best feature, the Mede8er MED500X2 media player was on of my stars, and the brand is again represented on this year's list, this time with a media player that not only improves on the very high standards of the MED500X2, but also introduces a very daring form factor and styling approach that truly sets it apart from the rest.'  Deon Schoeman AVSA
13 April 2013 - MED1000X3D is selected as One of Top Six Products of 2012 by Deon Schoeman of AVSA    
The MED1000X3D is the most awarded Mede8er to date with praises from reviewers from around the world.
19 March 2013 - Multi Award Winning MED1000X3D   
The Mede8er developed Jukebox Plus allows users to create one large Movie JukeBox from different sources such as Network Samba or NFS, USB Drives and internal Hard Drives.
14 March 2013 - New JukeBox Plus for Mede8er X3D Series  
Mede8er release V1.0.5 in conjunction with a new release from My Movies will offer users the ability to use Images and XML Data from My Movies for the Mede8er Movie Jukebox
14 December 2012 - Mede8er X3D series V1.0.5 supports My Movies  
We are very excited to announce the new V3 firmware for the Mede8er X2 Series. Mede8er engineers have spent many months porting some of the new X3D V3 features and functions to the X2 Series. We very satisfied with this release and we trust our loyal customers will be now able to enjoy this new functionality. •  New GUI •  Movie Scraper App •  TV Series Scraper App •  Updated DNLA/DMR •  JukeBox+ •  WOL - Wake on LAN •  And many more
The Mede8er range of media players are ideal partners for a Control4 system.  The latest X3D range provides 3D Blu-ray support as well as playing a wide range of video (and audio) formats. The Mede8er native OSD is both attractive and easy to use and provides a great movie jukebox solution.  Our driver enables you to use the best of both worlds and enables you to use both the native OSD and any Control4 UI to control the player.  The driver is of course IP based. The driver is also fully compatible with My Movies - as is the Mede8er.  This provides the best possible integration with consistent metadata being displayed both on the Control4 interfaces and on the Mede8er OSD.  My Movies integration requires a My Movies license and the separate My Movies driver.  Of all the compatible players this is the easiest to configure. The both the spaceship style MED1000X3D and the MED800X3D can be fitted with HDD for movie storage.  However this is not necessary and in most instances large movie collections will best be located on a central NAS drive.  In those situations the MED600X3D may be more appropriate. All players are compact in size making them easy to install where space is at a premium and there is no performance difference between these models.
Mede8er has released the all new V3 firmware for the X3D Series. Many new and exciting features are included in the V3 release and we trust our users will really enjoy these.  •  Subtitle Downloader •  Movie Scraper App •  TV Series Scraper App •  IPTV •  HTML 5 Browser •  WOL - Wake on LAN •  And more
Pair your smart phone or tablet with the Mede8er YouTube App and control the selection and play from your portable device.
Mede8er NETAPI allows developers to develop apps that can communicate with the X3D series for use on smart phones or tablets. 
Shelves are full of Mede8er products - ready for the Xmas holiday period.
30 November 2013 - Mede8er appoints Jay Vee Technology as Australian distributor
18 March 2014 - Living Audio New Mede8er Showroom Bangkok Thailand
HD Studio’s new showroom displays Mede8er at its best in a home style environment 
18 May 2014 - DriodME83 now available on Google Play
Download DriodME83 for you Andriod device from the Google Play Store and enjoy controlling your X3D like never before. Trial version available. 3rd Party Developed Application for Mede8er X3D Series
20 May 2014 - Mede8er now available on Google Play
Mede8er Smart Remote - Movies - Music - TV Series - Remote Trial - Light Version available
MED1000X3D and MED600X3D models will be available in Australia early December 2014 distributed by Jay Vee Technologies 2 / 314 Governor Rd, Braeside, VIC, 3195 Tel: 03 95874455
10 June 2014 - Mede8er MED1000X3D wins Best Reviewed award
The MED1000X3D was awarded by consumers with honorary title for product with best reviews collect by (dutch website)
13 November 2013 - MediaMarkt stores stock up Mede8er for the Xmas sales period
High Definition Multimedia Player / High Definition Multimediaspeler Reproductor De Multimedia De Alta Definición / Riproduttore Multimediale Ad Alta Definizione
 The Greatest Show on Earth
3rd Party Developed Application for Mede8er X3D Series
High Definition Multimedia Players