The Greatest Show on Earth
 “Mede8er Bravo!” MED600X3D wins the “Designed for purchase online Audio & Vision Award” with a very high score, by the prestigious AV-Online.HU review site;
“MED600X3D "Sehr Gut" ranked by Digital Home magazine Germany
The MED600X3D was awarded by consumers with honorary title for product with best reviews collect by (dutch website)    
MED600X3D received a 'ZEER GOED' award from TOTAAL TV Netherlands - 4.5/5 Star  
MED1000X3D received an award from PC World Hungary - 4.5/5 Star
'Mede8er MED1000X3D is by far the most worthy 3D-media player' - Latvia
'MED1000X3D gets a 8.5/10 Review by HD Player Thailand - Highest Review score for any Media Player ever
'MED1000X3D gets 4.8/5 review by VIDI Magazine Croatia
'MED1000X3D gets 8.4/10 review by Deon Schoeman AVSA South Africa
'Review by Dirk Weyel Mead Digital Home Germany
'Mede8er MED1000X3D Review by Damian Perez in USA
'Mede8er MED1000X3D test Ukraine  8.5/10
MED1000X3D Review Indonesia
MED1000X3D Review Hungary
MED1000X3D Review by Nicolas Bécuwe HDFever France
Mede8er MED1000X3D is awarded Editors Choice by SLO IT Magazine MojM Slovenia
MED1000X3D gets 'sehr gut' Review by Digital Home Magazine Germany
To win an award for any product by renowned reviewer Jasmin Custovic (Nani) is an amazing achievement. But to win 3 awards for the same product is very rare. We are pleased to inform you that the MED1000X3D has just been awarded 3 top awards by Jasmin Custovic (Nani) 1. Gold Award 2. Premium Design Award 3. Choice of Professionals Award
The Mede8er MED600X3D is a great mediacenter with a more than affordable and able to work with virtually all existing audio and video price. Any addict content download user can not ignore this product also has a good quality finish and reduced to be located anywhere on the installation size. is the is the most complete comparisons site in the Netherlands. On the site thousands of products in more than a two hundred product groups are compared on price, specification and quality. Consumers can learn from the experiences of others and leave their own opinions on the site.
For those who want to enjoy a beautiful picture in MPEG-4 or MPEG-2, this Mede8er X600 3D a safe bet. In the category of mini media players, the X6003D Mede8ter and Realtek RTD 1186 seemed superior to competing players with chip Sigma Design 8672.
In all, the Mede8er MED800X3D is a powerful and flexible networked multimedia player. It's not without its operative niggles, but the advantages of its wide-ranging feature roster more than outweigh my concerns ■
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 The Greatest Show on Earth
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